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How much are driving lessons in Leicesster at Driving Intensive Course Experts? Would you like a driving instructor in London instead?

All our prices for driving lessons are listed on this page. You will also find valuable information on 'How to book', 'How to plan' and more on 'Starting one week driving course' on our How We Work page.

You will also get an insight of minimum deposits required, when to pay, & how to confirm with payment.

Are you looking for a value for money driving lessons? Maybe you want to compare driving school prices to know how much are driving lessons really worth.

Buy/Book Driving Theory Test | Complete Course £1400

DICE School of Motoring is now offering driving crash courses with the main view to pass with one week driving courses.

Compare driving school prices the proper way.

Intensive Driving Lessons Prices

  1. Complete Course £1,400.00
  2. 5 Driving Lessons £132.50
  3. 10 driving lessons is £250.00
  4. 20 driving course £490.00
  5. 30 driving lessons 720.00
  6. 40 hours driving tuition is £940.00
  7. Driving Test Booking Service £87.00

Pay as you Learn with hourly rate of £28.00 so we encourage every learner driver to block book drivig lessons to save money

All payments can be made online. You may pay cash to your driving instructor when you meet, however, you muct pay 4 days in advance of your first driving lessons.

Book Lessons & Pay Online

Paying online cuts out the admin of receipts, more discussions, and other delays associated with paying cash. so please pay for driving lessons online. Click on any of the lesson plans above. You will get an instant email to confirm payment.

Here's how we can help.

Driving Lessons Prices List

5 Driving Lessons Fee £132.50

Image for illustration: 5 driving lessons

We are somewhat in the territory where people ask for free driving lessons. Fact is, you would not like to work for nothing. Likewise, our driving instructors, and us, value the worth of the professionalism you receive from us. So, unfortunately, we are not in the habit of giving driving lessons vouchers.

With five driving lessons, however, you will be able to assess if that is eenough for you to ascertain you get value for money. 5 hours, jsua happens to be the least we expect you to commision us for consideration. If you want less than 5 hours, we may not be for you.

You may be wondering... 'What can I do with five driving lessons?'

5 driving lessons
5 Hour Course 5 driving lessons in leicester, 5 drivign lessons, 5 hour driving course, drivnig lessons leicester
Price: £ 132.50 In stock
Details: 5 driving lessons Leicester. | LEICESTER | Hinckley | Loughborough

It could be for your forthcoming driving test. You know the ropes, just need refresher tuition.

Complete Driving Course Costs £1,400.00

cost of 50 driving lessons driving lessons prices for 50 hours driving tuition Lesson prices, 50 drivnig lessons, lesson costs
Image for illustration: Complete Driving Course Fees
Guaranteed Pass Driving Course Guaranteed Pass Driving Course, guaranteed pass, pass assured driving test, driving lessons in Leicester, guaranteed pass driving test, guaranteed pass driving lessons
Course Price: £1,400.00 In stock
Pricing Details: Complete beginners Driving Course for £1400. Gives the learner driver up to 50 hours of tuition, two driving theory tests (with help), & three driving tests.

Cheapest driving lessons prices, & best value for money in our range. You will have all the tuition you need to learn how to drive with this course.

Two Driving Theory & three Practical Driving Test Fees are included in this package of up to 50 driving lessons. £600 deposit to start, another £400 on the day you start, and the final £500 to be paid by the fifth day, at the latest.

50 driving lessons

To pay online, please click on the image, or header £600 now, and £800 later to instructor in two payments, or one.

10 driving lessons is £250.00

Image for illustration: Cost of 10 driving lessons

The ten driving lessons option may be just the ticket if our five-hour refresher course will not do.

So, you sort of know how to drive, you can do most reverse manuvres, and may even know waht to do with roundabouts.

Cheap driving lessons, Guaranteed Pass Driving Test
10 Hour Course 10 driving lessons in leicester, 10 drivign lessons, 10 hour driving course, drivnig lessons leicester
Price: £250.00 In stock
Tuition Fee Details: 10 driving lessons by professional driving instructors in Leicester, Loughborough, or Hinckley.

This 10 driving lessons will offer you the ability to buoild confidence, and regain those nevers that may be failing you. Pay in full

Cost of 20 driving lessons £490.00

Image for illustration: 20 driving lessons

Driving lessons prices are now tumbling fast, or so it seems. With the 20 driving lessons you are halfway ready for a driving test.

If you want cheaper driving lessons, you ought to consider the 30 hour plan.

how much are 20 driving lessons prices
20 Hour Course 20 driving lessons in leicester, 20 drivign lessons, 20 hour driving course, driving lessons leicester
Price: £490.00 In stock
Pricing Details: £490 for 20 driving lessons in Leicester Loughborough, or Hinckley. Sold by Driving Intensive Courses Experts.

Pay £290 online, and £200 to instructor.

30 driving lessons £720.00

With a 30-hour driving course, you may be coming from having had some beginners drivnig lessons. If you want to use the thirty-hour driving lessons to go for driving test, please re-consider. You may not be ready. We do not want you to work under pressure, and our driving instructors can do without the stress.

That said, some people learn very quick, and as a minimum, you will be needing one or two top up tuition, or not. It's a gamble. Some haave passed on 33, but only a handful.

30 driving lessons Leicester

Pay £420.00 on line deposite & £300 when you start.

40 hours driving tuition fee: £940.00

cost of 40 driving lessons, driving lessons prices, 40-hour tuition costs, 40 driving lessons
Image for illustration: 40 driving lessons

Okay, you are massively saving on driving lessons with this forty driving lessons plan.

You are basically a complete beginer. Or you may have had the odd driving lesson some time back. This is the right lesson plan for you.

Do note, however, that the price of 940 is just for driving tuition, not driving or theory tests. If you want all the tests inclusive, plus a pass guarantee option, look at the Complete Driving Course, also known as the special offer.

40 driving lessons in Hinckley, Leicester, Loughborough

To buy, just click on the image to pay £540 now, and £400 to instructor.

Driving Test Booking Service £87.00

Image for illustration: Driving Test Booking Service

We will book driving test on your behalf on a Monday to Friday slot before 4:30pm. If this is not found and we book a driving test after 4:30pm, or on a weekend, you will need to top up with a £20.00 payment to the instructor when you meet.

SPECIAL OFFER: Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

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You could get over £300 in cashback if you took our guaranteed pass driving lessons plan.

Although you will initially have paid a total of 1400.00 for this course, you will be saving £175, initially, with the potenstial of getting up to 200.00 in cashback upon completions.

NOTE: We are strict in managing this course, becasue we want to make sure you pass first time without our paying over the odds. So any late cancellation needs to be compensated for. All hours booked should be completed.

Special Offer on Driving Lessons

Pay £600 now and two sets of £400 to instructor when you start.

Cheap Driving Instructors Leicester

You will not find 'cheap driving tuition' here, just the best.

You need a specialist who knows exactly what to do with improving your driving skills quicker than your average instructor. With this in mind, we only provide you with the best driving instructors to help you achive your driver training needs.

Intensive Driving Crash Course Leicester

Most of our clients are only interested in one week driving courses, driving crash courses, and intense lessons. We will be glad to hear from you if you also want an intensive driving course in Leicester, or Loughborough for driving test preparation purposes.

Driving School Price Policy

You deserve the best driving tuition. Consequently, our instructors will always deliver the best driving tuition experiences.

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Driving Intensive Course Experts, Leicester is a specialist school of motoring with the aim of helping learner drivers complete a driver training course within a very short time, albeit, with the best results of a passed driving test.

Do you want to proceed? Book Guaranteed Pass for £1400.00. Don't forget to see our reviews.

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