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Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses

Do you want the sure pass guarnteed pass driving course? How about a driving crash course in London?

Driving Intensive Course Experts, the Leicester driving school is offering Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses. We good learner drivers morethan £200.00 for learning to drive quickly. So you too can save on driving tuition costs when you take our Guaranteed Pass Driving Lessons. Text, or Call, 07941 361 498.

Sure Pass Assurance

We are very confident to help we are offering a total of 5 driving and theory tests to back up our guarantee to you.

In a nutshel, here is what you get back:

  1. £200.00: If you pass 1st theory & practical tests.
  2. £100.00: If you pass first 3 out of 5 driving tests.
  3. £50.00: If you pass first 4 out of 5 tests.
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All Tests Booked For You.

Just Turn up & Start Learning!

How We Work | Our Prices!

Available to all learner drivers: 50 driving lessons, 5 driving and theory tests for pass assured driver training. Was £1,575.00, now on sale for £1,400.00, all in.

London prices for guaranteed pass course is £1,850.00. Call 07806 193 453 for more details.

Fantastic Assurance

Pass Assessment Tests

Driving Intensive Course Experts is your your local driving academy with dual control car driving instructors for your driving test needs.

Sure Pass Theory Test

We will book and pay for up to 2 driving theory tests in preparation for your practical drivnig test.

If you pass the theory test, on first attempt, as well as the driving test, aslo on the first attempt, you get a cash back amount of £200.00.

That would give you a savings of £375.00 (includes savings from buying the special offer driving course).

Driving Test Pass Assurance

We are sure you will pass and backing it up with a second and third test if thing don't go your way. With this sure pass, you cannot go wrong. Remember, we will go on to book up to three driving tests on your behalf.

If you passed the first of the theory & driving tests, we will give back £200.00. Total saving: £375.00.

Note: You will get one hour free driver-training to take you for the driving tests on test day.

Theory Test Training Materials

"Took some driving lessons in one week. Passed. First time!" Customer Reviews

We are offering;

  1. Free Highway Code book
  2. PC DVD RoM software (or App) to pass Theory Test
  3. 3 hours theory test training.

Driving Test Cancellations

We do not mind cancelling driving test, but do remember we may have other people in the diary.

You can even change driving theory test to suit a more prepared candidate. You can take your driving test in any of the following test centres.

Hinckley | Leicester | Loughborough | Melton Mowbray

After booking driving test, we will need a confirmation from you within 2 days at the most. Re-tests must be taken within 20 days of previous test, where available.

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£1,400.00 In stock
Product description: 50-hours tuition, up to 5 Theory & Driving tests. Success!

The Success Test Promise

We guarantee to book two theory test, and three driving tests untill you pass.

If you do not pass theory test on first 2 attempts, you will need to pay for subsequent theory tests.

After your theory test success, we will also book up to 3 practical tests until you pass. You will have to book any test after the third test.

Driving Mock Test Assessments

If you want success, you must strive to better your skills. Our assessment mock tests give an idea of your progress, & builds confidence. We offer mock tests to prepare for a successful pass.

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For a sure pass guarantee course in Leicester or other towns call Driving Intensive Course Experts.
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