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Intensive Course Driving Test Questions
Before a UK full driving licence is issued, the DVSA conducts 2 qualifying tests. These two tests are: (1), the Theory Test, and (2), the Practical Driving Test.
Have you looked at our complete intensive driving course?
Theory Test for “L” Test comprises a 50-question multiple choice based testing criteria, plus a Hazard Perception. You need a pass on both parts of the Theory Test. Validity is for 2 years only, starting from the date of passing this test.

Booking Driving Tests in Leicester

After completion of Theory Test, an actual driving test is conducted to ensure cohesion to traffic rules and regulations. The practical drivng test lasts approximately 40 minutes. Since 2010, there has been a 10-minute independent drive element, plus 1 reverse excercise within this 40 minute test. Obviously, road and traffic conditions may make the driving test run longer. So please leave room for up to an hour, maybe more, for the driving test completion.
NOTE! The DVSA is very clear on how learner drivers go about learning to drive.
You can be fined;

up to £1,000 and get 3 to 6 penalty points

if found to be driving without the appropriate supervision.
What are the Driving Theory Test Questions?
The DVSA needs to be assured you understand you have sufficient knowledge on the basic workings of a car, and the road and traffice regulations. Most of this is found in the UK Road Safety Act. This can, however, be a tedious document to read for the general lay person.
The Highway Code book is a cheap way to understaning what is required of any road user. Copies of the Highway Code book are available from as little as £2.50 from most highstreet book shops. Even better, there are bargains to be had online. It is full of practical actual advice on how to drive. No learner driver should be without the Highway Code. When you’ve studied the Highway Code, you can start thinking of the Theory Test.
How do I book driving theory test? Quite simply, click on the DVSA’s website to book your theory test.
Whose Car is used For Driving Test?
You need to arrive at test with the car for test purposes. A lot of learner drivers fret, unnecessarily, about the legality of their own private car for driving tuition. However, there is no need to worry.
Any road worthy car is just as good for delivery of an enduring driving experiences. You just need to make sure it is taxed, and that there is ample fuel, with the right supervision from an age appropriate instructor/teacher/supervisor.
The car used for driving tuition must be road worthy. So, if your car is less than 3 years, you do not require an MOT certification. If older, please get it tested. There could be safety implications.
Recap on Car Suitability
The car must aslo have;

  • MOT car where necessary.
  • Pay the relevant Vehicle Excise Duty.
  • Get the car Adequately Insured.
  • Display the relevant “L” or “D” Plate during tuition.

Ideally, the driving supervisor should get an extra mirror so he, or she, can have better visibility of traffic from behind. Your driving instructor car will normally have this. If you went for a driving test in your own private car, the driving test examiner may refuse to conduct the test if there is no extra mirror instlled.
The extra mirror can range from £2.50 to £25.00. But they all do the same job, give the supervisor visibility from the rear. So don’t go breaking the bank. Plan ahead and get it cheaper from you local supermarket or specialist car supplies shop.
Must I use a driving instructor’s Car?
No. Professional Driving instructors have Dual Controls fitted as a requirement by specialist insurance companies. This extra insurance cover of the actual driving tuition makes the instructor’s car an invaluably cheaper resource.
However, anyone serious about learning how to drive should also consider learning with friends or family as a boost to tuition by a professional driver educator. It may cost more money upfront over a few weeks, but does pay off in the long run.
What is the Driving Licence Application Process?
First things first… A driving instructor needs to see your provisional driving licence before delivery of any driving classes on a public road. Off-road driving tuition, while helpful, is not quite practical for the dedicated learner driver. You need real practice on a public road, interacting with other road users. The sooner you start applying for the provisional driving licence, the better.

It is generally better planning ahead for driving test. The driving licence application starts with you getting the application for provisional licence started.
You can start aplying for a provisional driving licence when you are 15 years and 9 months old; although you should not start learning to drive until you are 17. And do get a driving supervisor.
Who, or what, is a Driving Supervisor?
The person teaching the learner driver is the supervisor. The driving tutor MUST have 3 years full driving licence from any country in the Europeen Commission, or European Economic Area, and be at least 21 years old. So if your parents can drive, they may well take you out for a spin. Maybe a friend of the family, or spouse can help.
Leicester Driving Test Centres
There is a DVSA Driving Theory Test in Leicester City Centre. Other nearest theory test centres can be found in Coventry, Nottingham, and Northampton and Derby.
There are 2 DVSA Practical Driving Test Centres in Leicester. The other nearby locations for booking a practical driving test are, Loughborough, hinckley, Kettering, Market Harborough, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, and the counties of Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Derbyshire.
Leicester (South Wigston) Times
The times for Leicester drivnig test times are;

South Wigston Test Slots







Leicester (Cannock Street) Times

Cannock Street Driving Test Slots





How much is drivng test fee?
Theory Test: £21.00 – £25.00
Practical Test: £62.00 – £75.00
Can I book my own driving test?
Yes! Emphatically, yes, yes, YES!
You should manage your own driving test booking. Here’e the link to book the official driving tests.
If you nominate a third party to book any driving test for you, you are still responsible to make sur they have booked it as planned. Check. Do not be shy to ask for a confirmation. It’s your money. Demand the best from your driving instructor.
However, we still say, do it yourself. Things can work out better when you are in the driver’s seat.
Can I cancell my driving test?
You can change, postpone, or cancel any driving test, within reason. Log in to your booking with the booking reference and you can do it yourself. You can change the venue, time to suit your availability for test.
Of course, you may cancel any driving test. However, you do need to give appropriate notice if you want a refund of the driving test fee.
If your driving instructor asks you to cancel a driving test, please make sure you are able to get the refund, even if they booked on your behalf. The driving test fee is not part of the driving tuition fee. Driving test fee
What is the driving test waiting time?
The waiting time for driving test, Theory or practical, can vary by the season and other administration. In Leicester, this can be anything from same day booking and confirmation, up to 12 weeks. It is not uncommon to see waiting times of up to 18 weeks in Leicestershire.
The DVSA has a pledge not to exceed a 6-week wait. but this may not always be the case.
How Do I Start Driving Lessons?
The fact that you’re reading this is a step in the right direction. So first, make sure you have applied for the provisional driving licence.

  • Get some lessons to polish up your driving skills
  • Start reading up on the Highway Code
  • You should look at road hazards; think of how to avoid them
  • Start learning to drive; pla the experience, don’t rush
  • Book the relevant driving test sooner, and work towards getting your knowledge and skills at a level acceptible by the DVSA
  • Be prepared for anything on the road.
  • Learn in all weather and traffic conditions: rain, sun, darkness, snow, ice, quiet and busy roads.
  • Arrive for your tests on time. If you’re late, you may loose the test, including the test fee.
  • Make sure to arrive with your driving licence. From June, 8th, 2015, only the photo card is required for test.
  • Above all, stay calm. It’s just another drive. You’ll be fine.
    How Many Lessons Do I need to pass?
    It would be nice if we had the cru=ystal ball that told us emphatically how many hours you need to be ready for a test. Fact is, every learner will learn at a different rate to another. But there is a ball park figure of 40 hours. Most younger learners tend to learn quicker.
    How much is an average driving lessons?
    The price of driving lessons depends mostly on where you live and the individual driving school. Our price for driving lessons can be found here.

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